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Your Thrive Tribe

Our Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in sunny Florida with her two sons Malachai and Malik. When they were just 4 and 1 years old she almost lost her life in a fire, which resulted in her being severely disabled and unable to work for the next 8 years. With no financial security, Audrey May Prosper and her boys spent part of that time homeless and living in complete poverty.

Despite having a divine calling, she had little opportunity or access to the things every woman entrepreneur needs to succeed, so she decided to act on the vision the Father gave her and do something about it. Why? Because when you change a woman's life, you change her family's life.

The answer, Your Thrive Tribe.

Your Thrive Tribe, is a faith-based network & academy for women entrepreneurs that is committed to breaking the barriers of entry into entrepreneurship to give women a fair opportunity by providing them with much needed training, tools, resources, and the supportive sisterhood they need to succeed!  

 So what is it? 

Did we mention it's a new and cool private app? Oh, and that it allows women to easily connect by friending each other, posting, liking, commenting, and sending private messages? Plus, access to LIVE trainings. SAY WHAT?!?!?!


Confidently Create What You've Been Called To!

Tory Burch once said, "Having an environment that is supportive is really important for success." She also said, "If having the most unique ideas were obvious to everyone there wouldn't be entrepreneurs." 

The point is... women just like you have a divine calling and gifts to share with the world but they often die with their dream still in their hearts because they feel stuck about how to get started, they're overwhelmed by things like vision creation and implementation, goal setting, branding, marketing, and technology. They're also disempowered by the belief that they need a ton of capital to get started or scale their business. 

Oh, and let's not forget their frustrated with trying to do it all on their own. 

What we know is that these women can absolutely succeed if they had access to affordable training, experienced guides, and a supportive tribe to help them achieve their entrepreneurial goals and more importantly their purpose. 

So What's A Girl To Do?

Lucky for you, we've got the solution. It's under $15 a month and fits right in the palm of your hand or your lap.

Can I get an AMEN sista?!

We like to keep things simple so all you have to do is click the button at the top to choose your plan & you're in.

If you're anything like me, you're probably thinking 

YASSS sign me up sista!!!

BUT wait... what do I get again?

I thought you'd never ask. 

Well maybe that isn't exactly true but I'm so glad you did!

So, here goes.

24/7 Access to our private educational and social app.

* Access to the weekly entrepreneurial themed trainings in the app.

* Access to weekly accountability and feedback on your products and services.

* Access to weekly challenges to stay engaged and create a profitable business.

* Access to a monthly brainstorming session with Audrey and her team.

* Access to resources to save on research time.

Access to affiliate links to save on business expenses.

* Opportunities to present in the app and bring your expertise and offer your signature product/service to the tribe.

* Access to a tribe that encourages and prays for you.

* Access to weekly Q&A with Audrey and tribe mentors.

* Access to weekly inspiration!

* Opportunity to join invite only mastermind group with Audrey.

* Opportunity to join bi-annual discipleship training small group.

* Plus, you'll get access to our very intentional mini in app courses for less than $99 each.

All of that for $15 a month is well worth the investment in YOU and your divine calling girlfriend. So take the leap of faith and get started today!

So what's the process?

 Again, it's simple. Just choose your plan, set up your profile, start making friends and take advantage of the weekly trainings in the app.

What about the fine print though?

If you're the girl who loves the details, you're awesome and we've got your back! Your membership is hassle free with a 7-Day Free Trial, so in the event that we're not the perfect tribe for you, simply cancel your membership and we'll still love you. 

Oh and in case you were wondering and because I know we all love happy endings, here's a little update on me and my family.


We've been fully healed and fully restored. We're a little goofy and definitely all stepping into our calling. Malachai is 15 now and just launched his own graphics company. Malik is 11 now and loves helping guide learners in the mirco-school my husband David leads. David currently leads a Prenda micro-school and is launching his very own leadership charter school next year. It's only because of the Father we are where we are today.  

P.S. Everyone's growing their hair out and I need my roots done but we like to keep it a little funky cause it's always about progress and never about perfection!

P.S.S. Remember, sharing is caring, so pass Your Thrive Tribe along to your virtual and local circles. We love ambassadors and reward them accordingly! 

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